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 Shoulder Pain

Chiropractor helps golfing

The shoulder girdle is a really important structure, which enables a huge range of motion involving the chest, lungs, shoulders, neck and arms. 


The shoulder can become inflamed, swollen and misaligned causing soft tissue damage and/or nerve impingement as a result of the following:


  • carrying heavy loads

  • poor manual handling

  • poor posture

  • undertaking repetitive tasks

  • acute injury

  • prolonged computer use

  • poor sleeping position

The majority of shoulder pain fixes itself within 24 hours, however, if your symptoms persist, it is important to consult your chiropractor sooner rather than later.  If the condition is left too long it can lead to a long-term, chronic condition, which is more difficult to correct.


Once your shoulder is back in correct alignment, you should undertake the stretching exercises prescribed by Dr Sean.  It is important to ensure that your shoulder is correctly aligned before doing these stretches to enable your body to heal properly.

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